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Mortgage Brokers Make It Easy for You

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Buying a home can be a stressful and time-consuming process, so anything to make it easier for you is a great idea. Engaging a mortgage broker is the perfect way to do this. They can help every step of the way, from application to settlement. 

Here are eight ways a mortgage broker can help you.

1. Professional advice with a focus on solutions

​Most mortgage brokers have years of experience and know their stuff. They’ve seen all types of lending scenarios and will know which lenders and loan products will be right for you.

2. The convenience factor

One of the best things about mortgage brokers is how they fit in with you. They’ll meet at a time and location that suits you. There’s no longer any need to find time for appointments during a bank’s opening hours.

3. Comparison is easy

Most mortgage brokers will have access to a variety of loans from a panel of lenders. They’ll consider what’s suitable for you and decipher the features and benefits, so it’s easy to compare. They’ll also make sure you’re fully informed about any recommendations.

4. Helping with paperwork

Does the sheer volume of paperwork scare you off applying for a home loan? A mortgage broker can help. They’ll let you know what they need for the application process, and you’ll only need to supply it once. From completing applications to arranging sign-up, your mortgage broker can answer questions and support you in the process.

5. Interest rate negotiation

Negotiating your interest rate can be a conversation that has a big impact on your finances. If you don’t feel comfortable with these conversations, your broker can speak to your preferred lender and get the best deal for you.

6. Protecting your credit score

Multiple loan applications can have a negative effect on your credit score. A mortgage broker is experienced in finding the right lender and loan from the start, so there’s only one application.

7. Structuring your loans

If you need someone to spend the time to help you structure your loans in the most effective way for your financial situation, a mortgage broker can help.

8. Save time

It could take years to research and compare available home loans on your own. Your mortgage broker is here to find you the best deal without you having to do any running around.

You should always check that your mortgage broker is licensed and qualified, so you know you’ll get the best level of service. As your mortgage broker, I’ve got your best interests at heart and will do everything I can to get the loan that’s right for you

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